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Reflexology-Works and Angela's Apothecary have seen many clients both people and animals experience positive results from the services offered. Some of them would like to share their stories.

For those of you who did not take the Clean Green class previously, I can tell you that it is a GREAT class; and you leave with wonderful products.  I use these new products all the time, now. 

Mary H.  Astoria, OR


I will echo to Mary’s affirmation, I too took the class and are using some of the products and I LOVE them. It’s easy to make them and what a bonus to be helping the environment.

Pam T.  Astoria, OR


We took your cleaning class and our home has never been so clean. Safe, non-toxic, lovely healthy oils and a joy to use. Thank you so much and hope your next class finds it as informative and fun as we did. 

Jane K.  Knappa, OR


I have a hip joint SI dysfunction. Tai Chi is helping build muscle and flexibility to that joint area, plus the same benefits to my arthritic joints. Thank you Angela for teaching Tai Chi!

Caroline   Longbeach, WA


"I exercise almost daily with either aerobic or stretching activities. But even with that and watching my diet, I was developing thickened ankles with discoloration, and leg cramps at night. I have had only three Reflexology treatments from Angela Sidlo and have found that the swelling is less and the color better. I also am not having leg cramps at night.  I am amazed at how I feel better overall after a session too. Angela is a wonderful healer, and she also makes the whole experience enjoyable. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to try out reflexology."

 K. P.  Astoria, OR

For you folks, living on the coast seeking a self-care retreat, make an appointment for reflexology and/or reiki with Angela Sidlo...I have been seeing her for a few months and always feel much better after my sessions!"
L. Fenton  Santa Cruz, CA 

"I have been active all of my life, but began suffering from an almost debilitating osteoarthritis. I work with my regular medical doctor and physical therapy, but I believe the addition of Reiki with Angela Sidlo has helped tremendously. Be it physical or emotional, pain is caused by a concentration of energy. A build up as if it were a knot in an electric chord or a damn on a river. Reiki is a flow o f energy that frees that blockage allowing freedom of movement in body, mind and spirit. As a visual artist my experience with Reiki has taken my creativity to new dimensions. The same flow has liberated the negative energy lodged in my joints from osteoarthritis. Reiki can be a simple treatment or it can be a teacher to the brain lighting up new pathways to maintain flow. " 
T. Remington, Astoria, Oregon


"I have a traditional academic background with a strong foundation in science and research and am a retired dean from a local community college. I spent the last few years trying to heal from a recurring infection that wouldn't go away. Although grateful the hospital and surgeon who performed several surgeries, I did not feel that traditional medicine had been particularly helpful when it came to anxiety and mentally preparing for months of recovery.

When I needed to be scheduled for surgery again related to theinfection, I experience great anxiety. A good friend gave me Angela Sidlo's card and recommended a Reiki session. I felt a great sense of well-being after the session and Angela told me about how Reiki is being used in some hospitals pre- and post- surgery to facilitate the process and to lessen pain medication afterwards. She also gave me a very useful aromatherapy spray which helped me deal with the anxiety I was feeling. I did more research on my own and found that although the numbers of people tested were small, the results of using Reiki to deal with pain were promising. In my opinion, even if it were to be eventually proven to be a sort of psychosomatic healing, it would be my body being able to heal quickly none-the-less. In the following month, I had the wonderful experience of being able to work with Angela Sidlo. She gave me sessions the weeks before the surgery. Angela even came to the hospital with me (a 165 mile round trip) where they gave me Reiki before and after the actual surgery. Angela also gave me Reiki at home while I was recuperating.

The results are that my anxiety was gone, my surgery took less time and my recovery has been incredible! I have had very little pain and used less than 1/3 of the recommended pain medication doses and eventually went to a few tylenol after the second day. I need to add that the surgeon was exceptional, but even he was surprised at the fast healing process.

Angela is kind, sincere, gentle, and never intimidating. The nature of her practice is guaranteed to put  anyone at ease. I felt that my experience was far better than it would have been if I'd never met her. I highly recommend Reiki and Angela’s holistic practices."
K. Paino, Astoria, Oregon


"Over a year ago, I suffered a repetitive motion injury in my right wrist. Certain that seeking medical advice would result in drug therapy and/or surgery, I decided to live with the pain. Over time, I lost strength in my hand and wrist. I couldn't turn a door knob with my right hand. If I wasn't carfeul about how I picked up an object, the shooting pain could make me drop something as light as a glass of water.
In September, I learned that Angela Sidlo was studying to become a certified Reiki practitioner. A month or so later, giving no thought to my wrist, I had my first Reiki treatment. After a few days, I noticed that my wrist hurt less than usual. I also had less stiffness. Because I could think of nothing else that had changed in my life, I began to wonder if the Rieki was actually helping to heal my wrist. 
Since that time, I have had two more short sessions with Angela. Though I am not yet completely pain free, the relatively minor discomfort I experience seldom gets in my way. I use my hand freely and only occasionally find I don't have the strength for a particular task. 
In addition to improving the condition of my wrist, I feel a greater inner strength and sense of well-being following a Reiki treatment. I'm hooked! I think I'll still be seeing Angela long after my wrist is healed." 
B. Brice, Astoria, Oregon

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